Gift Box CR920 Chocolate Bars and Almond Praline Dragées

€ 68,00

Milk chocolate 203 40% cocoa
Silky: very soft with caramel notes and hints of almond milk and roasted dried fruit.

Extra Dark Chocolate Perù 65% cocoa
Decided: very aromatic chocolate with hints of ripe red fruits, dried plums and spices, black pepper and cardamom.

Extra dark chocolate 304 66% cocoa
Fruity: complex notes of red fruits, plum and raspberry, with final notes of spices and light nuances of black pepper and coffee.

Extra dark chocolate Colombia 70% cocoa
Elegant: notes of dried fig and walnut, light hints of sweet spices, paprika, cinnamon and final notes of freshly baked bread.

Extra dark chocolate Venezuela 72% cocoa
Inebriating: hints of white flowers and vanilla, sweet and enveloping taste of dried fruit, delicate spicy cinnamon on the end.

Praline Pistachio Dragées
Hazelnuts Spread 35%

Milk, soy, hazelnuts, pistachios.

It may contain traces of nuts.
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