Tasting Box with cutting board, knife Berti and Jamaica Chocolate

€ 290,00

Beauty and good are often attracted in the name of the same goal, to enhance each other and make the emotion bigger and deeper.

This special collaboration was born from friendship and love for a territory, and this is how Noalya welcomes into her family the prestigious artisan cutlery Berti, Tuscan excellence known worldwide, with a creation designed specifically for the chocolate bar. A particular and beautiful knife to see with its boxwood handle, a sharp blade with the tip that penetrates into the chocolate to sculpt into perfect flakes, without crumbs, ready to taste.

The exclusive package also includes the cutting board made ad hoc by a Florentine craftsman in natural oak wood to hold our bar, the accommodation for the knife and a box in the box that, like a precious casket, preserves the scent and retains freshness and flavor of chocolate.

A limited edition package strongly desired by Noalya in the name of excellence, the 1 kg chocolate bar, its Berti knife, the artisan cutting board, all tailored to make a sweeter and more precious moment.

Cocoa beans (Jamaica origin), cane sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin
It may contains traces of milk, nuts and soy.
in the factory that also works eggs, sesame seeds and lupins.
Product code: TA344B1 Category: Chocolate

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