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"To search a new creative freedom in cocoa. To compose chocolates ad works of art, without creative limits. This is my mission. This is the mission of Noalya, Cioccolato Coltivato." Alessio Tessieri

FERVOLATO is a "love marriage" between chocolate and wine, but a simple union of the two ingredients is not enough to achieve this product. The manufacturing process requires a complex and accurate procedure made of multiple fermentations, creating harmonious sounds and captivating and engaging aromas that create vertigo for breath and swirls of sensations for the flavours.
FERVOLATO has three fermentations in its “genealogical tree”, one of the cocoa beans, one of the grapes, and one during in the process that combines them, so it is a SYMPHONY OF FERMENTATIONS concived and created by ALESSIO TESSIERI, chocolatier and cocoa grower.
The absolute protagonists are the best Criollo cacao beans from the Noalya plantation in Venezuela and the grapes dried on racks of the Sagrantino di Montefalco variety from the vineyards of ARNALDO CAPRAI in Umbria. An experiential journey through ranges of fragrance, aromas, flavors gradually more complex and rewarding to reach the highest expression of taste and emotion.
FERVOLATO finds its uniqueness in the mastery of the manufacturing process. After an initial fermentation that takes place in the plantation in Venezuela, immediately after the cocoa harvest a natural process very similar to that of wine, the cocoa beans arrive at the factory. The subsequent infusion of the cocoa into the must is transformed into a partial fermentation, activated by the natural yeasts already present in the cocoa but fallen asleep during quiescence.

The following refinement in steel, a wellknown inert material, maintains more intact the aromas of Fervolato Acciaio preserves the flavours and protects from oxidation. The result is an extraordinary and unique chocolate, smooth, silky, with a sensation of red fruits that sweetly evolves into hints of roasted and slightly caramelised nuts.

Terracotta allows an oxidation in between compared to steel and wood.
It has been deliberately chosen not as an amphora-shaped in order to maximise the contact surface during the maceration process, so that the two elements, grapes and beans, merge and transferring one to each other their aromas, accentuating their aromatic complexities. Fervolato Anfora is a complex chocolate with notes of dried grapes and pralinated nuts, slightly sharp, with a final slightly spicy taste.

Fervolato Rovere, rafined in small French oak barrels that allow a micro-oxygenation guaranteed by the pores of the fine wood, releasing the tannins and aromas generated by the roasting porcess of the wood and of the cocoa, for a very special aromatic evolution. The result is a chocolate expressing scents of ripe red fruits with a light intrigating spiciness.


Ingredients: Cocoa beans, white cane sugar
May contain traces of milk, nuts and soy.
Produced in the factory that also works eggs, sesame seeds.
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