Gift Box "Broom" -Chocoalte bars and Pralined Dragées

€ 37,00

Elegant gift box Broom Symbol of Courage

Tablet Chocolate 70 gr 304 extra dark 66% with complex notes of red fruits, plum and raspberry, with a spicy finish and light nuances of black pepper and coffee.

Tablet Chocolate 70 gr Costa Rica extra dark 67% Bold: immediate sensations of ripe red fruit, plum and blackberry evolve into subtle hints of liquorice, sweet spices and aged Port.

Tablet Chocolate 70 gr single-origin Madagascar extra dark 70%: the unmistakable Madagascar cocoa in the amazing Chocolate Tablet, with fruity notes of plum and blackberry, with a sweet liquorice and pink pepper finish.

Pralined Almond Dragées

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