Chocolate Bars "La Piantagione"

€ 45,00

Extra Dark Chocolate Porcelana 70% cocoa
Delicate: elegant Porcelana, notes of almond and roasted pistachio, cinnamon and honey with a final hints of exotic fruits and lychee.

Extra Dark Chocolate Criollo Merideno 70% cocoa
Sublime: a unique criollo, with notes of pralined hazelnut, sweet spices and scent of warm bread with honey.

Extra Dark Chocolate Guasare 72% cocoa
Rich: a natural sweet cocoa with range of scents, from green walnut to roasted almond. Final notes of chestnut honey.

Extra Dark Chocolate Venezuela 72% cocoa
Inebriating: hints of white flowers and vanilla, sweet and enveloping taste of dried fruit, delicate spicy cinnamon on the end.

It may contain traces of milk and nuts.
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