Chocolate Bars "Centro America"

€ 30,00

Extra Dark Chocolate Costa Rica 67% cocoa
Bold: initial sensations of ripe red fruit, plum and blackberry, hints of licorice, sweet final of spices and aged Port.

Extra Dark Chocolate Guatemala 65% cocoa
Robust: a mix of strength and elegance, with spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg. Sweet final hints of dried fig and pralined almond.

Extra Dark Chocolate Nicaragua 66% cocoa
Character: decisive and elegant, has nuances of fresh walnut in shell, small red berries, sweet spices with final toasted notes of coffee.

Extra Dark Chocolate Honduras 70% cocoa
Complex: fresh notes of yellow fruits, phisalys and apricot, with a pleasant aftertaste of dried fig and raisins.


It may contain traces of milk and nuts.
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