12 Mini Bars extra dark chocolate cocoa from Antille Islands

€ 20,00

Noalya offers an assortment of Antille Islands cocoa in the practical and delicious format of mini bars.

Dark Chocolate Jamaica extra dark 67% - Soft and Delicate

Dark Chocolate Repùblica Dominicana extra dark 66% - Powerful and Fruity

Dark Chocolate Trinidad extra dark 66% - sweet and Aromatic

Dark Chocolate Grenada extra dark 71% - Intriguing and Strong

Cocoa min. 67% / 66% / 71%

Cocoa mass obtained from cocoa beans (origin Jamaica, Repùblica Dominicana, Trinidad e Grenada) cane sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural extract of vanilla berries.

It may contain traces of milk and nuts
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