Chocolate Bars "Sud America"

€ 30,00

Extra Dark Chocolate Ecuador extra dark 67%
Intense: an emotional journey to discover special tastes of dried fruit and toasted coffee, nuances of green pepper and black cumin.

Extra Dark Chocolate Colombia extra dark 68%
Elegant: notes of dried fig and walnut, light hints of sweet spices, paprika, cinnamon and final notes of freshly baked bread.

Extra Dark Chocolate Perù extra dark 65%
Decided: very aromatic chocolate with hints of ripe red fruits, dried plums and spices, black pepper and cardamom.

Extra Dark Chocolate Brasile extra dark 65%
Special: unique and fruity cocoa, with notes of candied grapefruit rind, roasted almond and licorice root.

It may contains traces of milk and nuts.
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