Pistachio Cream 35%

€ 18,00

Pistachio Cream 35%

To spread, to taste with a spoon, perfect for a gourmet breakfast or to give you a parenthesis with extraordinary and exclusive taste.
We have selected the best pistachios to make a velvety pistachio spread in a glass jar, with an intense and authentic taste.
Moments to pamper yourself, the feeling of being a child again experiencing the joy of a sweet snack, or that of being carried away in a seductive and elegant greedy emotion, in the name of high quality and careful craftsmanship that distinguishes us.

Pistachios (35%), white cane sugar, olive oil, cocoa butter, vegetable fibers, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.
Pistachios, milk, soy, peanuts.

It may contain traces of nuts. Gluten free
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