Dragées - Praline Almond

€ 10,00

According to the highest quality standards, Noalya Cioccolato Coltivato selects the best qualities of almonds and creates the praline almond dragées, marvellous delicacies covered with Noalya chocolate, handcrafted in the heart of Tuscany. The caramelized almonds are covered with a first layer of Noalya 202 milk chocolate, unique for its creaminess and intense taste of milk and vanilla notes, a second layer of extra dark 305 Noalya, an intense chocolate with notes of dried fruit and spices, and lastly, a flow of delicate white chocolate Noalya 111 characterized by hints of fresh cream. The last step with white chocolate allows the creation of an elegant finishing touch, the external marbling, which gives the almonds the characteristic pebble appearance.

Almonds, milk, soy.
It may contains traces of nuts.
Product code: DR910V1 Category: Dragées

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