"Special Spring Tablets Box ")

€ 27,01

Spring is just around the corner: let's get ready to welcome it with the right energy. We have designed a box set full of new energy, ideal for preparing ourselves for spring's rebirth

Bar Chocolate 70 gr Bland 202 milk chocolate 39%: Chocolate bar with a creaminess to savour with pleasure, a fresh taste of vanilla notes

Bar Chocolate 70 g single-origin Madagascar extra dark 70%: the unmistakable Madagascar cocoa in the amazing Chocolate Bar, with fruity notes of plum and blackberry, with a sweet finish of liquorice and pink pepper.

Tablet Chocolate 70 g single-origin Brazil extra dark 65%: unique, fruity cacao with notes of candied grapefruit peel, dark roasted almond and liquorice root.

Chocolate bar 70 gr Bland 305 extra dark 67% a successful encounter between dried fruit and roasted pistachio. Hint of warm bread crust.

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