Gift Box 'Radiant Easter' with Chocolate Bars, Spreadable Cream and Dragées

€ 58,00

Discover the special Noalya Cioccolato Coltivato Easter Special box: a selection of 5 chocolates made from the finest cocoa 1 velvety nut spreads and praline Dragées kept in an elegant gift box.

Chocolate Bar 70 gr Java Monorigin Milk Chocolate 39%
Velvety: delicate, round, complete, with hints of almond, fresh milk, caramel and a cinnamon-scented finish.

Tablet Chocolate 70 gr Monorigine Brazil extra dark 65%: unique, fruity cocoa with notes of candied grapefruit peel, dark roasted almond and liquorice root.

Chocolate bar 70g Criollo merideño Extra Dark 70%
Sublime: a unique Criollo with notes of praline hazelnut, sweet spices and the scent of warm bread with honey.

Chocolate Bar 70 gr Monirigine Papua New Guinea Extra Dark 70% with hints of red berries, goji, arbutus and sultanas, extremely soft, letting itself go in an enveloping spiciness.

Tavoetta cioccoalto 70 ge Balnd 308 extra fondant 72% Sensual: wins you over with its almondy and caramelised hazelnut flavour, with a finish of sweet spices and tea.

Pralined Almond Dragées

Hazelnut Spreadable Cream 35%

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